Questions I’ve been asked…

What do you look like?

Very Marilyn-isque, with a luscious derrière that accentuates my curvaceous physique. I have long, luxurious, wavy hair, and deep brown eyes. I stand 5’4”, with toned long legs that looks fabulous in a pair of thigh highs and stiletto heels. I am 137 pounds, 34C–28–38, and everything about me is all natural. I am from the West Indies, and my skin is smooth, satiny, and dark brown. My appearance is sexy, but understated. While there’s a hint of the exotic in my looks, I always exercise discretion and good taste in my appearance.

Obviously you’re a beautiful and talented young woman, but what can you tell me about yourself that shows who you really are?

I grew up amidst the beauty of the Caribbean. In the tropics climate and custom combine to make sensuality a normal part of life. After growing up on a lush, tropical island, the art of healing and reviving the body through touch seems natural. In recent years I’ve found the role of Tantrica to be the perfect avenue to the fulfillment of my dreams. As a Tantrica I complete this process by satisfying the dreams and desires of mature gentlemen.

What do you look for in the man that you're meeting?

I prefer the company of a mature gentleman with experience, confidence, and a sense of humor. When you meet with me we should both relax, and allow all pleasures to come naturally. I want a man I can trust. A man who is confident of himself in all surroundings exudes a potency that’s hard to resist. I treasure my time with a man who can talk, laugh, and make his point without getting mad. If you can do that, we can enjoy conversations on a wide variety of subjects. With a man like that I can make dreams come true, and stimulate fresh imaginings.

How can I schedule a meeting with you?

Because of my busy work schedule, I prefer to have at least 24 hours’ notice. You can call me at 203-295-4906, or email me at On my contact page you will find a form. If you fill it out and send it that will smooth the path to our meeting and all its pleasures. These are the only kinds of communication I use for this type of meeting.

Existing friends, you may contact me by phone, text or email. On occasion, I may be available on short notice. Otherwise, I prefer at least 24 hours’ notice to thoroughly prepare for our meeting.

Will we meet at your place or mine?

Either one is possible, as long as it’s private and discreet. If you want to meet at my place, just say so. If you prefer that I come to you, tell me where you are, and we will work out the details. Keep in mind: our meetings awaken powerful feelings. Ecstasy always takes energy. So I never schedule more than one meeting in a day, and the maximum time is two hours. That limitation encourages us to get the most from our time together. Our trysts become more exclusive, vibrant, and filled with even greater pleasures. 

What method of payment do you accept?

I accept payment in cash or with PayPal. When meeting in the privacy of your home or hotel room (out-call), please have the envelope on the counter top of the restroom in plain sight upon my arrival. Should you visit me at my home spa or hotel room (in-call), please place the envelope in the gentleman’s restroom or on my coffee table, to give us a lot of time get acquainted, or re-acquainted ourselves, while chit-chatting over a shared bottle of wine or sparkling water.

 What if I’m a bit nervous; a little uncertain of a how a meeting will be? Could you describe an ideal session?

That’s all right. It means that you care. While there’s no single ideal version of our meeting, there are infinite possibilities. All that’s required is both of us taking things as they come. Massage is meant to relax the body and free the spirit. In an ideal session I use the art of sensual touch to create a separate, safe, and incredibly sexy world right there in the room. Within that world my goal is to leave you with a unique and beautiful memory your body will never forget.

If a happy client wants to buy you a gift, what kinds of things are most appreciated?

That’s so very thoughtful of you. Thank you! I love lingerie, and I always enjoy getting a new pair of stilettos. Chocolates are always welcome. Bracelets, necklaces and other trinkets are traditional, and it’s hard to go wrong with flowers. I love roses, and almost any other beautiful blossom. I’ve read a lot about astrology, but lately I’ve had the urge to get an up-close view of these stars that guide our lives, so I’m hoping for a telescope soon.

I’m concerned about my privacy. Can you reassure me on this?

I can offer reassurance by citing one fact: I have the same concerns. I am a very private woman and I have no use for undue attention. The success of our meetings depends on our experience being a private one. Not only does this give us the best atmosphere for enjoyment, but it also contributes to our peace of mind.

I’m attending to this concern even before you contact me. All my personal and business arrangements are done in such a way to protect our names, identities, and our security. On the form here on this website I only ask for the data that’s absolutely necessary, and once we’ve parted I destroy all data about you. If you prefer that I keep your contact information, tell me, and I will save only your email address. After you have seen me, and if you wish to have another meeting, you contact me. I will never contact you unless you specifically ask me to, and if we haven’t arranged some other method, it will always be by email.

What is something happens and I am forced to cancel?

It is always unfortunate when a scheduled meeting must be cancelled or postponed, but we all know that life is full of the unexpected.  If you are nearby, I only ask that you contact me the moment you know you must cancel. It will at least soften the proverbial blow. I enjoy our meetings, and I would only cancel one in the direst circumstances, but, if such a rare instance occurred, you will be notified the moment that I must cancel.

I’m sure you will understand that if I send you an email or a text confirmation, and for some reason you can’t be bothered to contact me, or not show up to our scheduled meeting, I will have no choice but to discontinue all future communications.

What should I expect during our meeting?

If you are open to stimulation and pleasure, and take things as they come, your meetings with me will be adventures in discovery. In every meeting I use the arts of tantric touch to create a world that totally unique for both of us. I use various methods, including prostate massage, and full body-to-body massage. In all my methods I seek to bring out the underlying power in your body, stimulating centers of pleasure, and finding every untapped source of ecstasy.