Our moments together…

Hartford Signature

An hour may seem far too short for all the delights I can give you, but it’s long enough for me to probe, explore, and ultimately satiate your most basic urges. Often it’s the perfect length for a steamy introduction— just enough to drive you wild, while providing the promise of future ecstasy.

  • Edge of Ecstasy

1 hour — 150

Travel  —  50 



Inner Journey

It’s all about hitting the sweet spot. An hour-and-a-half is the perfect amount of time for discovering what stimulates you most. It gives me the time to fully relax you, and awaken the deepest pleasures at your core. I will send you to places you’ve never dreamed of. When our meeting is over your body will recall every touch and every moment, spurring your anticipation of our next tryst. Need I say more?

  • Mutual body -to -body Erotic Massage

  • Edge of Ecstasy

  • Detoxifying ‘body slide’  Shower Ceremony

1½ hours — 200

Travel —  50 

Gentleman's Escape

Sometimes a man needs more, (it’s that simple!) and when that happens a longer meeting holds many possibilities: Two full hours of enticement, ecstasy, and ultimate satisfaction for so many sexy temptations. A two-hour meeting will satisfy and more. Try it if you dare!

  • Exotic Prelude

  • Mutual body -to -body Erotic Massage

  • Edge of Ecstasy

  • Detoxifying ‘body slide’  Shower Ceremony

2 hours — 375

Travel —  50 


Sacred Spot —  The arts of scared tantra, both ancient and modern, are curiously well-suited to health and well-being. As lovers have learned throughout history, massaging the prostate will increase your pleasure while heightening and extending your orgasmic climax. I am trained in tantric practices designed to push you to the erotic brink again and again, finally launching you into total ecstasy. This is where sexual satisfaction and healthful benefits merge, and pleasure coincides with fitness. Once you experience the erotic thrills of a complete prostate massage, your body will instinctively understand this connection, leading you to want to repeat the experience again and again. 

Additional — 50 (add- on service to any package)

Sensual Tease and Denial  If you prefer a hedonistic approach that is truly out-of-the-ordinary, we might mix your sighs of pleasure with tingling cries of pain in my sexiest dominatrix tableau. This is where nice turns just a little bit naughty. Make no mistake about it, if this is the way to slake your unmentionable thirsts, I am the one that’s willing to help you achieve this.

Additional — 75 (add-on service to any package)

I am always open to hearing your ideas about our meeting. If you want some variation, contact me, and we will discuss every erotic possibility.