Giving Thanks in spite of the Busyness of Life

Giving thanks

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s all about thanks for what we have, and optimism for a better, brighter future. As the date approaches, I find myself reminded of the great gifts I’ve received in my life. The most meaningful ones are those that come from the heart.

With that in mind, here I would like to thank those gentlemen who, over the years, have given me so much happiness. You have helped me so much, bringing a spirit of caring generosity to our meetings. While we have both shared in the sensual pleasures of those trysts, you have contributed to making them much more. My gratitude is great, as you will see when we meet again.

You might be the one who sees me occasionally, or once a month, or even more often. However many times we meet, you are special to me. You know who you are, and you share so many beautiful memories with me. If you are the one who brings me flowers, I thank you for the scent, the colors, the beauty, and the sweet, caring thought. As a tiny chocolate melts in my mouth, I thank you for the smooth, silky sensations, and I find myself lost in a daydream about you. As I taste the wine you so thoughtfully left for me, a memory from our meetings slips into my thoughts, and I feel a tingling pleasure in a special place.

As the holiday season stretches on into the New Year, please remember that I’m always here for you. If you have a question, a message, or simply words of affection, don’t ever hesitate to call or email me. Whenever I see your message my heart will take a tiny leap of joy. As I hear your voice or read your words, I will feel the subtle flutter that promises the ecstasy of future trysts.

Thank you for all we have shared in the past, and for all our future pleasures. The joys we’ve known in days gone by are promises of even greater sensations yet to come. Happy Thanksgiving!

Any experience is colored by our expectations. In a restaurant we anticipate receiving certain services, and a meal that’s worth the price. In a movie we want drama, excitement, and visual fascination.  But what should you expect in a massage?

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Lured By Lust? Appointment Scheduling

         As those who have visited me already know, my first concern is always your pleasure and sensual satisfaction. Timing is of the essence, and the essence of timing is in planning our meetings to get the most out of every moment we share. Our time together is a world we create that’s all our own. My aim is to help you explore new heights in the exotic, and achieve ecstatic fulfillment. When we meet there should be no thought of hurry or impatience.

            In the coming months I will be unavailable during daytime hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Anyone who wants to meet with me on those days should plan on an evening tryst. My mornings will be filled on Mondays and Fridays, but on those days I look forward to sharing hours of exotic pleasure in the afternoons and evenings. On Thursdays and weekends I’m free for long hours when we might meet, and probe our deepest passions.

            To insure ample time, and certain satisfaction, I highly recommend scheduling our meetings well in advance. I am always excited as I look forward to our ecstatic sessions, and this anticipation only heightens the pleasure for both of us. When you contact me, plan on scheduling our tryst during the following hours. These are the times when we can turn mere moments into eternities of bliss:

Monday and Friday 1 pm-to-10 pm

Tuesday - Wednesday 6 pm-to-10 pm

Thursday 10 am-to-10 pm

Saturday and Sunday 11 am-to-10 pm.

            I await your call and/or email.

End of Summer. Fall's Upon Us

As summer ends, the change in seasons enlivens all of our senses. The moist embrace of summer heat fades, replaced by the bright crackling of autumn leaves beneath our feet. Crisp, clear nights follow days that seem tailor-made for cool walks in the park.

Fall brings thoughts of my return to school, where I will once again study nursing. The course work is hard, but I know the secret to balancing my schoolwork with sensual relaxation. I’m an expert at that. After days and nights of rigorous study, there’s nothing I love more than a meeting with a mature, intelligent, sexy man for a session of deep, relaxing, erotic massage.

I’m trained in many kinds of sensual massage, but as evenings grow cooler, I often find a gentleman will best respond to a full body-to-body experience. It’s a method that stimulates every center of pleasure. I often accent these arousals with scented oils, soothing music, and erotic probing of every source of ecstasy. In this type of massage I will use my whole body to soothe frayed nerves, relax tense muscles, and dissolve all pain. I will bring your flesh to a point where every nerve ending receives nothing but erotic pleasure. You come away from this refreshed, focused, and ready to meet the bursting colors of autumn.

As the first logs of fall blaze in the fireplace, our meeting starts at the slow, luxurious pace of eternal summer, then gives way to the urgent spark of sensual stimulation. As flames burn down, we finish, relaxed, satisfied, and ready for the autumnal beauty just outside our door. It is a season meant for savoring.

Heating Things Up - Temperature's rising or Is It something else?

It’s that time of year when temperatures rise, weakening all inhibitions. This is when New England finally gets a couple of months of weather not so unlike what I knew growing up in the tropics—a summer of sexy heat!

Because it’s so fleeting, the heat is different here. Our long winters offer romantic evenings of erotic play by the fire, but outside there’s nothing but ice and cold. That’s why the first summer heat is like an explosion of sensual and sexual liberation. Now we can go outdoors with practically no clothes on. Now we can lie back with the windows open, and feel the warm fingertips of night breeze whispering across our skin. No longer do we feel the need to turn up the thermostat; now the heat is everywhere!

Summer reminds me that summer clothes are mostly adornments designed for enticement. In the warm weather we shed our clothing so easily, transforming our temptations into pleasures. Even more than the change of clothes, there’s the change of styles. In the winter my massaging fingers probe into your fiery depths. I consciously heat both of our bodies, then I allow our instincts to do the rest. A summer massage involves a lighter touch, yet stimulates intimate sensations from the deepest wells of pure ecstasy. Pleasure is easier to maintain, giving us the options of lazy afternoons, languid evenings, and sweet, sultry satisfactions. This is when we shed all icy inhibitions, and give ourselves over to our hottest dreams.

As the summer stretches endlessly before me, I wait for your call. As the temperature rises, so does my desire.


Reggae Massage - Cool Down While Heating Things Up!

If you’ve read my website you know that I grew up in West Indies. I came here, attracted to America’s culture and people, but I still embrace certain aspects of my native country. I love to bring the exotic rhythms and songs of my birthplace into my practice of erotic massage.

So I have developed what I call: Reggae massage. You’ve heard the music. Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, Peter Tosh and their successors are known throughout the world for the sensuous pleasures they convey in their songs. You may know something of the Reggae culture. It celebrates an ideal of freedom for mind, spirit, and body. In Reggae massage I apply that ideal to the erotic art of sensual touch, allowing it to infuse and inspire my body.

Our session of Reggae massage might start with something as simple as opening a bottle of ice-cold Red Stripe beer. Early on we will touch, and I will bring the sweet beginnings of tropical eroticism to our meeting. I might follow this by performing an exotic dance—a striptease, if you will. I will entice, seduce, and embrace you and your desires.

Together we will perform the ancient movements of sensual and sexual arousal. We will stimulate each other’s senses, taking our bodies to the heights of pleasure, and ultimate satisfaction.

As our song ends, we will know sweet serenity. There will be nothing left to say.


Tantric Touch - Unveiling the Hedonist In You!

All of us wear masks without even knowing it. From the moment we gaze into our morning mirror, to the instant our head hits the pillow, we constantly change our disguises to fit our changing circumstances. With our lovers we always want to appear to be sexy, sensual, and sensitive. At work we strive to seem competent. With our friends we try to be smarter, funnier, and more in control than we normally are. With strangers we want to seem approachable, but all-knowing. Our masks shield us from danger, but they can also hide our passions so well that we forget they are even there.

Tantra is a way to take off the masks. We may not know what lies beneath, but when our inner selves are revealed through tantric touch, we know we will find fascination, excitement, and sensuality. A respectable businessman might discover his inner hedonist. A pillar of the community unveils the pleasure-seeker within. The only guarantees are that we will get surprises, and, if we allow them too, those surprises will lead us into ecstatic places we never dreamed existed.

When we meet for a session of tantric massage, I am like a weaver in a fantasy, creating and refining images, then translating those images into erotic feelings. I reach into the core of your being, and touch the heart of sensual passions. Then together we soar into worlds of rapture, and ultimate satisfaction.

In life’s intricate tapestry we are all connected. Tantric touch reveals our connections, leaving us sated, yet ready to face world. I want our time together to be unique—something we will both remember always. If I can use the arts of tantric massage to help you become more fully what you truly are, then, for one timeless moment, we will both experience the naked, erotic selves that live beneath all of our masks. Such a moment is worth everything! Join me, and you will see.

Erotic Attunement - Springtime passion beyond your wildest dreams!

As spring comes, we crave warmth, and anticipate physical pleasures. This is when sensual satisfactions become the best solutions to stress. After a seemingly endless winter, our senses are just waking up. The first warmth thaws our nerves, and whets our desires. Denying them only increases our tension. If you are going to quench your sensual thirst, you need the touch of another. It might be a spouse, or long-time lover, or it might be someone whose talents and training lie in the arts of eroticism.

This is the time of year when I instinctively know what a gentleman needs. Perhaps it’s because of my childhood in the tropics, or my innate ability to relieve stress, but each year, as the weather turns warm, I can feel the sources of pleasure pulsating from my toes all the way to my fingertips.

In the spring I hear from gentlemen I know, and others whom I am meeting for the first time. Most want to feel their senses awakening, and regain their full appetite for life. This is what my mind and body are made for. I was born with a gift, and I have developed my sensual skills through ecstatic experience. As the world revives, I look forward to the warm months with anticipation of that which is new, fresh, and erotic.


Just Plain Sexy! - A Secret Meant Only For You

I meet with only gentlemen like you. Every experience we have together has its own unique mysteries. When I meet you, our time together will have moments of ecstatic pleasure we will never forget.

Those moments are ours, and ours only. We may talk about them to our closest confidants, but even then we might hold back something of the essence. In part this is because these are experiences that can’t be put into words. But it’s also because keeping some things private makes them more completely our own.

It’s my hope that any gentleman I meet will feel this way too. I realize there are websites dedicated to reviews of these things, and there is always the urge to express thoughts, and hear comments of others. It’s just that my feelings, and my most intimate desires are things I don’t reveal to everyone. I only want share them with those gentlemen who understand how private sensuality should be—tactful, intelligent men who know: the more secret the tryst, the greater the pleasure.

If you’re still reading—if you’re not turned off by my urge for romantic mystery—then you are probably the kind of gentleman I’d like to meet. You are the one who understands how special a private moment can be. You know what it is to treasure the ecstasy of a unique, unrepeatable experience. And you instinctively know that when it comes to the special connection between us, what we do in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom.


Welcome to Hartford Bodywork

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