Why I Give Sensual Massage?

One of the most basic needs we have is that of being touched by another. This physical contact is at the heart of all human desire. From the moment we are born we are reaching out for others. It’s a need that never goes away.

Many of us find it difficult to fulfill that need. We try to reach out to others, but find only emptiness. Before we know it we’re swept up in storms of data, news, and entertainment. We end up yearning for even the slightest human touch. This social isolation creates a kind of "skin hunger" where our physical need for a hormone called Oxycontin makes us crave sensual touch from another. Sensual touch releases the Oxycontin. This seemingly small intimacy increases trust, creates a kind of “contact comfort,” supports good health, and reduces stress.

My mission is to help you find pleasure and happiness through the art of sensual touch. I have always been sensitive to the ever-increasing speed of our modern world, and the new threats and disasters that come in every morning’s news. Sometimes just getting up to face the day seems like an act of courage.

It’s my belief that life shouldn’t be like that. For every pain we suffer we should seek the healing balm of pleasure. Sometimes there are no compensating pleasures at hand, even when we need them most. I know that feeling. I have felt it in my own body and soul. That need is what led me to master the art of sensual touch. As I tapped into the sources of my own sensual pleasures, I also learned how to awaken similar ecstasies in others. This is what led me to refine my skills. I loved what I was doing, and so did my companions. This encouraged me to learn every aspect of the craft.

The deepest pleasures of life are those that we share. In our meetings I will soothe your sore spots, root out your tensions, and set your body free. Then we can explore the pleasures of our bodies together. For one brief and incredible moment these pleasures will guide our very different lives onto the same path. There we will merge our desires. That’s when we share the sweetest ecstasies leading to ultimate satisfaction.

It is my aim to restore you, and remind you of the true wellsprings of human pleasure. I have been lucky enough to discover my natural talent for this. This discovery led me to develop my talent through observation, practice, and refinement. I watched, learned, and finally fully realized that this was a basic component in my life’s mission.

When you contact me I will be ready and willing to welcome you into this world of sensual pleasure. I look forward to being your guide on these enticing paths.