Hello there…

Our meeting will be a tryst for just the two of us. A gentleman knows the value of privacy, just as I do. Keeping all knowledge of our meeting between ourselves increases the intensity of the feelings we arouse in one another. From first shared touch to final parting, our meeting is our own, and no one else’s. I have always believed that what two mature people do in their own time together should stay between them. The memories will be ours no matter what paths we take, but they’ll be more special if we keep them to ourselves.

Touch is my chosen method of arousing the powerful potentials that live within your body. We all like the feel of someone touching us, especially when it’s the touch of someone who knows what she’s doing. I know exactly what I’m doing, and exactly what you need. For years I have found ecstatic joy in developing my talent for providing erotic pleasure. I bring that training to every meeting. I know how to draw your most vital urges to the surface, then satisfy your deepest desires.

When I touch you our pleasure is mutual. We feel each other’s anticipation, and urges, creating a fiery feast that always ends in satisfaction. I know the feelings of desperation; I understand the frustration of a song unsung. I defy these feelings, and when my fingers meet your flesh, I will banish them from your body. In the end, I do what I do because I love it. I love to bring a man pleasure. I love the feelings it awakens in you. I love to push the boundaries of ecstasy.

If you are a mature gentleman with a taste for private moments, and if you want to share those moments with a woman who can tap into your primal urges for pleasure, please feel free to contact me. I love the arts of sensual touch, together we can create a unique experience. I believe the most worthwhile experiences are the ones we love. I can offer you an experience that will restore your spirit, and reawaken the potent masculinity that makes life worth living.

I cater to gentlemen living or visiting the states within the New England area. You can call me at 203-295-4906, or email me at hartfordbodywork@gmail.com. When you call I will be glad to tell you my rates, and further describe how we might meet, and what we might do. Your call will be the first step into life’s finest pleasures.